Are you making the MOST of your business

Understandably your business is one of the most important things in your life and running a successful enterprise can be challenging. Strategic planning is at the heart of business success, and tools such as a M.O.S.T. analysis can assist in creating and maintaining a thriving company. This excellent strategic planning tool helps you to clarify:

Mission: where you intend the business to go

Objectives: the key goals needed to achieve your mission

Strategies: the options open to you to achieve your goals

Tactics: how to put these strategies into action

The key is for this whole process to hang together from top to bottom and also in reverse. If you take it from the top, then clarifying the mission drives the objectives, which in turn creates strategic options, which then forces tactical actions to be taken.

If you take the M.O.S.T analysis from the bottom up, it looks like this. Every action at a tactical level should help to make your strategies work, all of the strategy should help to achieve the objectives, and all the objectives should take the business towards the mission.

Using this simple but effective tool will help you clarify various aspects of your enterprise and start to create an effective plan to move forward to a brighter business future.

Where it can go wrong

Businesses often try to tackle their business strategy internally and find themselves falling into many traps, these are a few examples:

  • Customer, supplier or competitor demands distracting the business from moving forward
  • Not clarifying where they want to get to and what the timescale is
  • Failing to get Board and management buy-in for the mission
  • Not being clear about what the key objectives are that need to be reached for the mission to be successful
  • Not engaging external and objective assistance to analyse the strategic options available to meet the key objectives
  • Moving straight from objectives to tactics and completely missing out the strategy stage, leading to “dead ends”
  • Not checking that everything done at the tactical level is contributing to the success of their strategies
  • Failing to move implementation forward at the required pace by not correctly defining timescales, responsibilities, monitoring and control procedures
  • External Strategic Planning helps companies avoid these traps and keeps the business moving forward with a sense of urgency and in a definite direction which “hangs together” from
  • Director to shop floor level.

Business consultancy

A Business Consultant can provide the objective and systematic overview you need so that every part of the process locks into place allowing your entire business to move forward in an effective and integrated way.

Are your strategic planning needs very specific? Do you have a product, a process, or a service that could benefit from outside, expert help to ensure that you will catch your market at precisely the right time in exactly the right way?

A Business Consultant can provide on-the-spot support and guidance for the entire length of your project, from when it is a twinkle in the eye right through the launch and up to its successful signing off. Whatever the size of your business, from start-up to SME, specific external strategic planning support can make a crucial difference. Ensuring that resources are concentrated constructively, energies are focused creatively, and the outcome is fully profitable over the long term.

Contact us now to see how Life Centred Business Solutions can provide the strategic planning to drive your business forward.

A clear, carefully stepped business strategy invigorates your business, energises your team and puts your long-term goals within hand’s reach.