Protecting Your Wealth

How can you protect your wealth in divorce?

If you died suddenly before your divorce is finalised, then without a will your spouse could inherit all of your estate. To prevent this from happening, create a will as soon as possible so that your wishes can be clearly understood if a tragedy should occur.

Where you already have a will, ensure that it is updated in accordance with your change in circumstances. The chances are it will state that everything would be left to your spouse if it was set up during the marriage.

If you are in a new relationship, then without a will your current partner will not be entitled to any of your estate. So, if it is important that you provide financially for your current partner, make sure that your will reflects those wishes.

You may go on to re-marry. In which case your new spouse would inherit your estate if no will were in place. This could mean that any children from a previous relationship do not benefit. Consider all possible scenarios when you are creating your will and how you would like your assets to be used.

We can assist with setting up or reviewing your will and identifying any other measures that you may need to put in place to protect your wealth. Contact us to find out more.